StylistSenior StylistLaurence Granger

Specialist Styling

Ladies wash, cut & blow dry£30.00£33.00£36.00
Ladies wash & blow dry£17.00£20.00£22.00
Gents wash, cut & finish£14.00£17.00£20.00
Ladies event hair£25.00£30.00£35.00

Specialist Colouring

Full head colour£40.00£44.00£47.00
Full head highlights£57.00£61.00£64.00
Half head highlights£42.00£45.00£48.00
Semi permanent colour£35.00£38.00£41.00
Full head colour & highlights£55.00£60.00£64.00

Specialist Maintenance

Re-growth colour£30.00£33.00£36.00
Partial highlights£25.00£28.00£31.00
Re-growth colour & highlights£45.00£47.00£49.00
Touch & go£10.00£10.00£10.00

Specialist Design

Colour.ID£ on consultation------------
Freelights£ on consultation------------
Colour correction£ on consultation------------

Children (Under 13)

Girls wash, cut & blow dry£19.00£23.00£26.00
Girls straighten, cut & finish£15.00£21.00£24.00
Boys cut£10.00£13.00£17.00

Children (Under 7)

Girls & Boys cut£ on consultation------------


Bride trial£40.00£40.00£40.00
Bride on the day£50.00£50.00£50.00
Bride party trial£35.00£35.00£35.00
Bride party on the day£45.00£45.00£45.00
Bride & bridal party (on location)From £90 per hour------------